American casino guide on gambling in the US and how to get started

American casino guide general information

There are only several states in the US where gambling is allowed. In some states gambling is forbidden but there are few loopholes to avoid restrictions, which are used by several incorporated bodies that comply with the regulations.

Casino American guide has been recently updated because several states also legalized online gambling and this quite substantially changed the industry. As far as gambling for free is concerned, it is allowed almost everywhere in the country and people can play as much as it is wanted. So, when playing for real money comes into place, rules are different.

What should be known about the gambling in the US

American casino guide is the same no matter whether a player is interested in playing card games or information about casino guide roulette is needed to be obtained. It is all about certain states where gambling is allowed or the law has some loophole to avoid regulations.

Therefore, when a person wants to have some good time and experience some adrenalin rush or to win some money, essential information is needed. The list below will provide the most complete guide, which will provide the details of legal gambling activities in the US:

  • Nevada is the first state to legalize gambling and offers over two hundred casinos.
  • New Jersey is the biggest gambling haven in the East coast.
  • California offers hundreds of casinos located in the biggest cities.
  • Oklahoma occupies one of the most special place in guides for American casino because the state is full of different casinos.
  • Washington is the state that has the biggest density of land-based casinos but for some reason they are not associated with gambling at all, perhaps because of their remote location in the north west.
  • Louisiana where New Orleans is considered as the best city for many gamblers.
  • Mississippi is the state where lots of small towns are located on the coast of the gulf of Mexico bay and it has so many casinos out there.
  • Florida is also very popular gambling destination because of its climate and wonderful beaches.
  • Illinois is the state where most of its casinos are located in Chicago.
  • Pennsylvania and its major city Philadelphia are one of the newest in American casino guide and it is referred not only to casino guide blackjack chart but also to other card games, roulettes and slots.

Texas is a unique place in the list because gambling is forbidden but allowed in Indian preservations and if activities are carried out offshore. This is why there is a floating casino on a ship that departs everyday in the Mexico bay where people may have plenty of wonderful time.

Where to start online gambling for real money

Starting gambling online is crucial because it is not necessary to travel too far. Firstly, it is important to know the states where it is legal. It can be listed as follows:

  • New Jersey;
  • Pennsylvania;
  • West Virginia;
  • Indiana;
  • Iowa;
  • New Hampshire;
  • Nevada;
  • Delaware;
  • Oregon;
  • Rhode Island.

The following states may legalize gambling in 2020. They includes:

  • Michigan;
  • Colorado;
  • Montana;
  • Tennessee;
  • Illinois.

So, once a person decided what is nearby state where gambling is legal and where it is appropriate to travel, destination will bring a wide choice of online gambling resources. American casino guide recommends to choose any respectful online casinos like Cool Cat Casino or any other and register. After depositing funds people can play for real money. Alternatively, playing for free is the only option. Finally, obtaining different VPN address or installing a powerful app for changing IP address may help to avoid restriction and access required websites.

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